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Hot Tub Equipment & Controls

S.O.S Maintenance provides expert repairs to all makes and models of hot tubs. We stock a wide variety of replacement parts including: Top side controls, heaters & elements, main pumps, circ pumps, ozone, stereos, lighting and moreā€¦

Hot Tub Covers & Lifters

We provide quality replacement hot tub covers manufactured by HST Synthetics. Offering a variety of colours, thicknesses and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty with delivery included.

We sell and install cover lifters, offering a variety of quality brands and styles to suit virtually any hot tub placement, regardless of clearance space. Having the right cover lifter installed on your hot tub, will add years to the life of your cover and allow for greater ease of access to your hot tub.

Hot Tub Filters & Spa Jets

With so many brands of hot tubs finding a replacement spa filter can be difficult. Let us take away the hassle by delivering a brand new set of filters right to your door. We'll keep your filter information on file to make re-ordering simple.

Every hot tub has several different styles and sizes of spa jets. It can often be a challenge to find the right jet that fits your tub. We stock a variety of spa jet brands and can always ensure a proper fit.

Pool Equipment & Accessories

S.O.S Maintenance also performs service work on all swimming pool equipment for above ground and in-ground pools. We sell and install pool pumps, sand filters, cartridge filters, chlorinators, salt systems, solar heaters, gas heaters, skimmer assemblies, solar blankets, blanket rollers, safety covers, pool fencing or any other parts your pool requires. We also can provide general contracting services for your pool re-modelling project.

Omni Pool Chemicals

We carry the full line of Omni Brand Pool & Spa chemicals. We're serious about water chemistry and can show you how to manage your pool or spa water effectively. Whether you are using city or well water, we can create a custom chemical package tailored to meet your specific needs. We'll even deliver the products right to your door! Water chemistry has never been so easy.